Conclusions and Actions: IMPACT-SC5 delivers final results

In the end it took us not the planned 12, but 20, months to complete this ambitious project with some 28 deliverables! Workshops that were supposed to take place in different countries went online, as were the weekly project meetings. Still, applying the concept of key impact pathways in science, society and economy at project, project portfolio and programme level was intellectually challenging and rewarding. And of course we want to share the insights with as many people as we can, since key impact pathways are now integrated into the Horizon Europe programme cycle. Anyone who has looked at the new application form will have seen the impact pathway explained. And a canvas has been added to the Impact section, requiring consortia to really qualify and quantify not just the project’s results but also the ‘credibly’ expected longer term impacts.

Our findings, conclusions and recommendations are summarised in the Synthesis report. We have also developed the Actionable Knowledge Toolkit to help programme managers and practitioners with usable content that is the result of the experience we have gained in implementing IMPACT-SC5.

We hope you find the information useful.


  • Hanna Kuittinen
  • Naiara Uribe Labandeira
  • Xabier Uriarte


  • Foteini Psarra
  • Kevin Trendafili

Team VTT

  • Janne Lehenkari
  • Mona Arnold


  • Jacqueline Allan
  • Chiara Tripepi
  • Linda van Duivenbode








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