IMPACT-SC5  Description of the Consortium

Fundación TECNALIA Research & Innovation is a private, independent, non-profit, applied research centre of international excellence. Legally a foundation, TECNALIA is the leading private and independent research and technology organisation located in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, employing around 1,300 people (280 PhDs) and with income of 108 Million € in 2019. At the end of 2019, TECNALIA participates in 295 H2020 projects, coordinating 61 of them.

The whole team at TECNALIA has one goal: to transform technology into GDP, meaning wealth to improve people’s quality of life through generation of business opportunities for industry. TECNALIA is committed to generate major impacts in economic and societal terms, by means of innovation and technological development, addressed by six business divisions covering the sectors of Energy, Environment, Industry, Transport, Construction, Health and ICT.

Several cross-cutting expert teams support the technology divisions of TECNALIA, among them the expert group POINT – Policies for Innovation and Technology, which links the technological challenges to the policy and strategy intelligence at local, regional and European level. The team includes senior policy analysts that have a strong track record in R&I policy evaluation and extensive experience on working with key topics of SC5. The team is supported by wider technological expert pool of TECNALIA.

Role in the project

TECNALIA is in charge of the overall coordination of IMPACT-SC5. It leads WP6 Management and Coordination, as well as WP1 Evaluation framework and actively participates in all other WPs, leading Tasks 2.1 Literature review and 3.1 Portfolio definition and assessment.

The Joint Institute for Innovation Policy (JIIP) is a joint venture of four renowned Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) from four different European countries: Joanneum Research (JR, Austria), Tecnalia (Spain), TNO (The Netherlands) and VTT (Finland). One of the competitive strengths of the JIIP partnership lies in the interdisciplinary nature of its parent institutes and the subsequent cross-over and added value for the services JIIP can offer and deliver. The partnership involves a core pool of around 170 researchers in relevant units of the four partner organisations.

The mission of JIIP is to provide intelligence to support policy-making, with a focus on research, innovation and technology policy. Its expertise covers all aspects of qualitative and quantitative economic and social research and all current projects are being undertaken to support policy-analysis. JIIP has long years of experience and strong competence in data collection, qualitative and quantitative research in economic and social fields, as well as policy evaluation and assessment activities: from ex-ante evaluations to impact assessments and ex-post evaluations and foresight, resulting in topic-specific policy advice and guidelines.

Role in the project

In the framework of IMPACT-SC5, JIIP will lead the work on contextualisation and analysis of the projects and of the project portfolios, together with Q-PLAN, Tecnalia and VTT.  JIIP will also lead the work on dissemination and outreach, including the organisation and implementation of the Final dissemination workshop. In addition, JIIP will contribute to: (i) the development of indicators for the impact assessment of the projects and portfolios, as of the identification of data source; (ii) the data collection according to the methodologies outlined in Exploration of SC5 projects; (iii) the development of the policy recommendations. Lastly, JIIP will ensure the quality control of the project.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is a state owned and controlled non-profit limited liability company established by law and operating under the ownership steering of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy.  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is a state-owned and controlled non-profit limited liability company that is one of the leading RTOs in Europe. We help our customers and society to grow and renew through applied research. The business sector and the entire society get the best benefit from VTT when we solve challenges that require world-class know-how and translate them into business opportunities.

VTT’s activities are focused on three areas: Knowledge intensive products and services, Smart industry and energy systems, and Solutions for natural resources and environment. VTT is impact-driven and takes advantage from its wide multi-technological knowledge base to strengthen Finnish and European industrial competitiveness. VTT can combine different technologies, produce information, upgrade technology knowledge, and create business intelligence and value added for its stakeholders.

VTT has a staff of 2049 and its net turnover and other operational incomes were 268M€ in 2018. Over the years, VTT has gained vast experience from participation and coordination of numerous European projects including R&D Framework Programme projects and other thematic frameworks and programmes. In 2018, VTT was ranked fourth in the statistics by European Research Ranking that examined the funding and networking performance of European research institutions in the EU’s Horizon 2020.


Role in the project:

VTT is the lead partner responsible for the forward-looking policy recommendations on national and European level facilitating the enhancement of SC5 impacts’ diffusion and uptake.

Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL is an innovation and management consulting company that focuses on the provision of innovation and business support services to the European Commission as well as to innovative SMEs operating in various market sectors (e.g. Environment, Energy, Manufacturing, ICT, Health, Transport, Agro-food, etc.), enabling them to effectively and timely seize opportunities for investment and growth at national and international level.

Q-PLAN has been actively involved in the European R&I landscape from 2003 onwards, and since then has participated in more than 40 EU-funded projects and studies (H2020, FP7, FP6), in most cases as project coordinator. In the framework of these projects, it has elaborated numerous knowledge transfer/ networking and collaboration/ innovation management activities, and more specifically: it has designed and successfully implemented numerous large and niche-directed surveys (utilising online and offline techniques); interviews with various stakeholders on regional, national and European level; identification of good practices and reporting of case studies; translation of research outcomes in Actionable Knowledge toolkits; organisation and implementation of co-creation and validation events on regional, national and European level; and synthesis of information for the extraction of valuable policy level conclusions and recommendations.

Role in the project

During the elaboration of IMPACT-SC5, Q-PLAN will be mainly responsible for designing and implementing an individualised survey to collect information on the impacts of the 87 projects under scrutiny as well as conducting targeted interviews with the coordinators these projects as well as selected project partners. Moreover, the company is responsible for compiling the data already available as well as statistically analyse all the obtained data to serve the overall assessment of these projects. Last but not least, Q-PLAN will be the main responsible for facilitating the stakeholder co-creation and validation events of the project (Task 4.2 Leader).

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