The Science Behind The Insane Popularity Of React Videos On YouTube
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Here, you’ll get the solutions you need to start living your passions. Considering the fact that YouTube has a billion unique viewers every month, creating a channel for yourself or your business is a great tool for marketing. However, if you don’t have viewers or haven’t increased followers in a while, it’s time to rethink your strategies. Here are 10 tactics to create a popular YouTube channel.



Despite this, original channels such as SourceFed and Crash Course were able to become successful. On March 30 and 31, 2012, in the course of earth hour, the site used a light-on-dark color scheme (or "dark theme"). A switch was located left to the video title, allowing to toggle back if desired. This is the earliest known use of a light-on-dark color scheme on the site. The switch was removed the following day and the bright background was restored.



In November 2019, YouTube has announced that the service would phase out the classic version of YouTube Studio to all YouTube creators by the spring of 2020. It was available and accessible to some YouTube creators by the end of March 2020. Almost a year later, in October 2015, it was rebranded to "YouTube Red" and its scope expanded beyond music. It was rebranded again in May 2018 to "YouTube Premium", and its availability expanded across countries. Google's other music streaming service Play Music was merged with YouTube Music in May 2020, as the latter is a more recognized brand. On December 21, 2012, the "Gangnam Style" music video by South-Korean musician PSY became the first YouTube video to surpass one billion views.



Ryan is the public face of kidfluencers, so any YouTube parent who is less than exemplary might reflect badly on him. Pocketwatch and YouTube issue manuals on how to be both parent and programmer, and Shion hints that he’s trying to start a working group of YouTube families to set industry standards. He won’t go into details, but says he would like more input from YouTube, especially on how families manage their finances, their kids’ time and fame. After all, the platform is taking a healthy cut of the money, and the minors who have made their name on it have few legal protections. The Kajis say a portion of the revenue from the family business goes into trust accounts they’ve established for their children, and they have put all of Ryan’s TV earnings into another trust. The DIY nature of the videos also mimics, they hope, what it’s like to go on a playdate.



Because docuseries are typically long form, these videos build viewership, because they detail accounts of the creators’ interests, life, or involvement in a specific event over a period of time. Read more about buy views on youtube here. Reaction videos are of course created to capture the reaction of a YouTube creator to a specific piece of content or a real-world event. Sharing has been made easy through the use of YouTube, and it goes both ways. This can be done through engagement with the audience in the YouTube comments. 62 percent of businesses use YouTube as a channel to post video content . It’s the second most popular channel for businesses to share their video content, with Facebook securing first place.



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